Plainfield Receives $743,600 for Sidewalks

The Town of Plainfield Receives $743,600 for Lathrop Road Sidewalk Extension & Pedestrian Safety Improvements

PLAINFIELD, Connecticut (10/28/2021) – On Thursday, Plainfield First Selectman Kevin Cunningham announced that the Town of Plainfield will receive $743,600 of State funding for the construction phase of the Lathrop Road Sidewalk Extension & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project. When asked about the award, Cunningham stated, “The Town is extremely excited at the opportunity to address a major safety concern in Town without putting a major financial burden on our residents!”

This past spring, Town officials collaborated with the Northeastern Connecticut Chamber of Governments (NECCOG) to request funding for the project through the State’s Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP). “LOTCIP provides municipalities with State funding to perform capital infrastructure improvements,” Cunningham explained, “the Lathrop Road Sidewalk Project will allow the Town to address a gap in pedestrian infrastructure in a very commercial section of Plainfield.”

The Lathrop Road Sidewalk Extension & Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project will extend the existing sidewalk on Lathrop Road over 2,500 feet from Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank, where the sidewalk currently ends, all the way to the area where the Big Y Shopping Plaza is located. This project will provide pedestrians with safe, ADA compliant sidewalks connecting two commercial sections of Town. Currently, pedestrians traveling along this route must cross highway access ramps, roadway intersections, and walk underneath a highway overpass. Cunningham noted all safety concerns will be addressed by this project.

Cunningham continued by explaining how the Town’s growing economy played a major role in securing necessary funds. “With companies moving into Town and increasing pedestrian activity, we want to ensure everyone is safe while taking advantage of the different economic opportunities Plainfield has to offer” he stated. With a new Amazon Delivery Station being constructed on Lathrop Road, this sidewalk extension will directly connect residents to job opportunities, while also connecting Amazon employees to other local businesses. “This project is going to have a major positive impact on both residents and businesses in Town” Cunningham said.

In closing, the First Selectman noted that before the construction phase can begin, the Town must secure an engineering firm to assist with the project.