Westminster Tool Earns 2021 Leadtime Leader Title

Westminster Tool Earns 2021 Leadtime Leader Title Westminster Tool earns the Moldmaking Technology Magazine 2021 Leadtime Leader award after first winning the title in 2014.
PLAINFIELD, CT – SEPTEMBER 2021 – Westminster Tool is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of the Moldmaking Technology Magazine 2020 Leadtime Leader award. Since 2003, this award has represented mold makers who have excelled, not just with the shortest lead times but those who go above and beyond in all aspects of the trade.
“For us, this prestigious award is one that we take a lot of pride in since we won the 2014 Leadtime Leader title,” says Westminster Tool president, Ray Coombs. It was through Moldmaking Technology Magazine’s coverage of the company’s first award that gained them a great deal of exposure and recognition for what makes them unique. “That award helped put us on the map,” he adds.
A lot has changed since then, and in some ways, Coombs says, the company is almost unrecognizable. “Our largest differentiator back in 2014 was our company culture,” he says. It was around that time that Westminster Tool underwent a major transformation, paused all capital investments, reconfigured its business model, and invested heavily in its people. This included training in workforce development, interpersonal skills and communication, emotional intelligence, and the adoption of critical lean practices. “We spent years laying the groundwork for a business model focused on continuous learning and continuous improvement, and it’s paying off,” Coombs says.
Since then, Westminster Tool has shifted its focus to bridging people with technology. The company began investing in state-of-the-art equipment to give their team the best possible resources and tools to succeed. “We expanded our inspection, quality, and engineering processes. We invested over 10% of our company’s annual revenue back into new tools and machinery. We began groundbreaking research into the application of metal 3D printing,” says Vice President, Hillary Thomas. “But we couldn’t do any of that until we invested in our people.” According to Moldmaking Technology Editorial Director, Christina Fuges, the quality of this year’s candidates was impressive, especially given the challenges introduced by the global pandemic. “Despite this string of setbacks, the mold manufacturing marketplace answered the call and went above and beyond,” she writes for the magazine’s Leadtime Leader feature in this month’s issue.  As one of the most prestigious awards in their industry, it is a reminder to Westminster Tool that their risks haven’t gone unnoticed. “It just shows the resilience and hard work of every member of our team here,” Coombs says. “There is no greater honor than being measured against other leaders in our industry and we could not be prouder to be this year’s winner.”

To learn more about Westminster Tool, please visit www.westminstertool.com.
About Westminster Tool, Inc.
Westminster Tool Inc., located in Plainfield, Connecticut, is a mold-making company that specializes in innovative manufacturing solutions for plastics and composites. Westminster Tool is dedicated to continually innovating and providing customers with the latest in machining and software technology. In addition, Westminster Tool offers solutions from concept through development and into production to satisfy aerospace, medical devices, or consumer packing requirements. Persistently striving for strategic excellence, Westminster Tool creates a business model and culture that stands out from its customers.