Marriage Licenses

How to Obtainsandy-millar-yejwdweizho-unsplash

  • You must get your marriage license from the town in which the ceremony is taking place
  • Both parties must appear in person to complete the license and sign
  • Both parties must provide a valid form of photo identification
  • It costs $50.00 to receive a marriage license
  • Once issued, the marriage license is valid for sixty-five (65) days
  • You must get your marriage license BEFORE you are to be married
  • It takes time to complete a marriage license – please arrive no later than 30 minutes before closing
  • Our office is closed on Fridays. Please plan accordingly

Marriage License Worksheet

You may complete the above worksheet before coming into the office to apply for the marriage license. Be prepared to provide the following information, such as the state/country you were born in, your parents full names, and your parents places of birth. 

There is no one in the office that can officiate the wedding ceremony. You may reference our Justice of the Peace list to find someone who can marry you and your spouse.

Once You Are Married
When you are married, the officiator of the wedding will complete the marriage license and return it to our office. After it has been received by our office, you may request a certified copy, which costs $20.00. 

If you are changing your last name once you are married, you may start the change at Social Security Administration and Connecticut DMV. Please note there may be other places you will need to change your last name, depending on which organizations require it.