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History of Plainfield
The Town of Plainfield was incorporated in 1699. Originally named Quinebaug, the town was renamed Plainfield in 1700. In the beginning, Plainfield was economically driven as an agriculture town. It wasn’t until the 19th century when cotton and textile mills began to build along the Moosup and Quinebaug rivers that the development of the town flourished. Surrounding each mill was housing for the workers, establishing densely populated areas that are now four designated villages: Plainfield, Moosup, Central Village, and Wauregan. Due to the growth that Plainfield saw in the 19th and 20th centuries, the town’s population is made up of the descendants of the immigrants who sought work in the mills and maintains the 3rd highest population in Windham County.

For more information about the history of Plainfield, please see the Plainfield Historical Society.

Genealogical Research
The Town Clerk's office is open for genealogical research to be conducted. The clerk's office holds land records, vital records, and military records, and have access to the probate records. Please see the appropriate section for more information regarding what the office holds and what you can receive. Staff cannot do the research for you, but if provided with names and approximate years, we can help with some information within a few days. 

Please be aware that other surrounding towns may hold the information that you are looking for. Canterbury was separated from Plainfield in 1703, but other abutting town lines, such as Killingly and Sterling, have historically been imprecise until the 20th century. The western section of Wauregan across the Quinebaug River is considered Brooklyn – marriages that occurred at Sacred Heart Church will be found with the town of Brooklyn. Also keep in mind that recordkeeping prior to the 20th century may not be accurate. 

There are seven (7) "active" cemeteries in Plainfield: All Hallows, Evergreen, New Plainfield, Packerville, St. John's, Tillinghast Memorial, and Union. Please note that Packerville Cemetery is on the Canterbury/Plainfield line, so records may be found in either town, and Tillinghast Memorial is a private section.

The following is a list of cemeteries and inscriptions of headstones. The inscriptions were copied in 1934, sponsored by the Connecticut State Library, and was compiled under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, State Military Necrologist, assisted by Miss Mary H. Babin, Secretary. Dated December 1937. 

List of Cemeteries with Headstone Inscriptions:
        1.  All Hallows                       13. Neighborhood Lot   
        2. Bennett                            14. New Plainfield 
        3. Briggs                               15. North Davis
        4. Cornell & Munroe            16. Old Plainfield 
        5. Evergreen                        17. Parke             
        6. Flat Rock                          18. Randall            
        7. Gallup                               19. Rood               
        8. Hammett                         20. Small  
        9. Hopkins                           21. South Davis
       10. Joseph Roode Farm      22. Spaulding
        11. Kinne                              23. St. John's
       12. Locke Farm                    24. Union

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