Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Certified Copies of Vital Records
Certified copies of Birth, Death, and Marriage certificates are available in the Town Clerk's office for $20.00 per certified copy. Certificates can be found in either the town where the event took place or where the individual lived at the time of the event.

Certified copies can be obtained through mail or in person. For Birth Certificates, you must provide a valid photo ID – please provide a copy of the ID when applying through mail (for other forms of acceptable ID, see the request form for more details). If applying through mail, fill out the appropriate request form found below. Checks can be made to the Plainfield Town Clerk.

Request Forms: 

Mailing Address: Plainfield Town Clerk, 8 Community Avenue, Plainfield CT 06374

Other Places to Request
For Births occurring after 01/01/2003, you can request from any CT Town Hall. For Deaths occurring after 06/01/2020, you can request from any CT Town Hall. Marriages still are only found in either Town of Residence or Town of Occurrence.

You may also request a certificate from the Connecticut State Vital Records Office in Hartford. For more information of Vital Statistics, including adoptions and parentage, please see the State Vital Records website. If you need a certificate with a State File ID Number, you must request it through the State Vitals office.

Divorce Decrees
The Town Clerk's office does not hold divorce decrees. To obtain a copy of your divorce decree, you must request it from the courthouse in which your divorce was granted. Please call the appropriate court for fees and requirements. 

Birth Records Less Than 100 Years Old
Connecticut birth records less than 100 years old are not open to the general public. To be eligible to receive a copy of a birth certificate, you must be able to document that you are:

  • The registrant and 18 years of age or older
  • The parent, guardian, grandparent, or spouse of the registrant (see application for more detail)
  • The child or grandchild of the registrant and 18 years of age or older (see application for more detail)
  • A member of an incorporated genealogical society authorized to conduct business in the State of Connecticut (please visit the Connecticut State Library History and Genealogy Unit website for more information)
  • An attorney at law representing the registrant or the registrant’s parent, guardian, child, or surviving spouse
  • A state or federal agency employee and with an authorized release from the registrant, who is 18 years of age or older

Birth Records More Than 100 Years Old
Birth records more than 100 years old are open to any person over 18 years of age.

See Connecticut General Statutes 7-51 and 7-51a.