Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission meets at 7:00 PM the third Monday of each month in the Plainfield Town Hall Multi-Purpose Room.

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Join the Plainfield Conservation Commission!
Want to preserve and enhance the quality and accessibility of green spaces and trails in Plainfield?

Interested parties must be a resident of Plainfield, Connecticut. Interested parties should send a letter declaring their interest in joining the Plainfield Conservation Commission to the First Selectman at 8 Community Avenue Plainfield CT 06374.

Once a letter of intent has been received from a qualifying candidate, the First Selectman will bring the candidate up for a vote at the next available Board of Selectman meeting. Interested parties should be prepared to present their interests and qualifications if asked to do so at the scheduled meeting.

The Plainfield Conservation Commission is a town organization dedicated to preserving the environment, culture, and rural character of our town for the present and future generations of Plainfield.

Since 1994, the Conservation Commission has been giving back to the community through land conservation programs, providing projects to local scout groups and alternative corrections workers, creating parks for the people of Plainfield, and has handed out thousands of free tree seedlings to help enhance the beauty and habitat of Plainfield.

The Conservation Commission also takes part in regional meetings where the speakers range from politicians, concerned citizens, to business people. Here we gain valuable insight to new ideas like alternative energy, government sponsored conservation programs, and network with others to better serve our community.

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