Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations (SI) Unit is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, two (2) Detectives, and a Community Relations Officer.  The primary responsibility of the SI Unit is to investigate major crimes such as deaths, robberies, sexual assaults, and severe injury assaults, to just name a few.  Detectives assigned to this unit are trained to handle every aspect of an investigation from crime scene processing, including evidence collection, interviews, and the complete case presentation to the court system.

Our Community Relations Officer works closely with our schools, neighborhood crime watch, juvenile referral board, and also assists Detectives when needed.  This officer's main goals include strengthening community relations, evaluating crime patterns, liaison to local organizations, and strengthening the investigative process.     

Sgt Patch
Detective Sergeant: Zachary Wells

Detective Jose' Diaz #185 Detective (Pending)

Community Relations Officer