Road Use Permit The “Application For Use of Town Roads” (Road Use Permit) form can be used in the event you are requesting to use town roadway(s) for a special occasion or requests for traffic regulated signs and/or markings.  This form must be submitted to the Plainfield Police Department attention Chief Mario Arriaga.
Special DutyOfficer Request The “Special Duty Officer Request” form can be used in the event you are requesting an officer(s) for traffic detail  or an officer(s) for a security detail.  This form can be hand delivered to the Plainfield Police Department or faxed to the below number.
Alarm Registration This “Alarm Registration” form is a free service offered by the Plainfield Police Department to better assist you and/or your business.  In the event there is an alarm activation, the Plainfield Police Department will attempt to contact a key holder to assist in determining the cause of the alarm and securing the premises.  Please complete this form and deliver it to the Plainfield Police Department by mail, email, fax or in person. 
House Check The “House Check” form can be used by any resident or business who would like us to check their property while they are on vacation, or away for other reasons.  This form must be dropped off at the Plainfield Police Department. 
Officer Commendation/ Complaint The “Commendation/Complaint” form is used by those persons who wish to have an officer recognize for an outstanding job or feel that an officer's performance was inadequate. The form can be printed out and mailed, or hand delivered to the police department, Attn: Professional Standards, Plainfield Police Department 210 Norwich Rd. Plainfield, CT 06374.  If you have no means to print the form, we will mail it anywhere or hand deliver one to you within the town of Plainfield. For your convenience, the form is also available at the Town Hall. 
Missing Person The “Missing Person” form can be printed and filled out while the officer is enroute to your location.  This may speed up the process but at no time should there be any delay in calling the police in a missing person’s case. The form should be completed in its entirety and signed in the officers’ presence.  
Bad Check The “Bad Check Guide” explains the process of making a complaint to the Plainfield Police Department if you received a bad check.
Pistol Permit The “Pistol Permit Guide/Application” explains the process and requirements of obtaining your pistol permit for the State of Connecticut.  If you reside in the Town of Plainfield, your pistol permit must be approved by the Chief of Police.  There are no exceptions.
Secondhand Dealer The “Secondhand Dealer” form is the application used for Precious Metals, Secondhand Dealers, and Pawnbrokers.
Employee Dealer The “Employee Dealer” form is the application for all employees that work under Precious Metal Dealers, Secondhand Dealers, and Pawnbrokers.
Professional Standards The "Professional Standards" tab is our policy as it pertains to misconduct.  The policy explains, amongst other things, the steps to file a complaint and who investigates the complaint.  The department will investigate all complaints of misconduct.
CFS/Police Report Request Form The "CFS/Police Report Request" form is for