Planning & Zoning

Attention! Land Use Applications and Complaint Forms are available online with our new PermitLink Program.

Online payments are now available also.

The Planning and Zoning Department provides a multitude of support services for the community.

The Department is responsible for administering the Zoning Regulations, Inland Wetland and Watercourse Regulations, and the Subdivision Regulations, as well as enforcing local ordinances and land use regulations.

The Department assesses infrastructure and community needs, designs suitable solutions, and works to obtain funding to implement these projects.

The department reviews all applications for the following:

  • Pools, decks, sheds, and additions on residential property (zoning permits).
  • All activities within 100 feet of wetland and watercourse within the town.
  • Proposed commercial and industrial uses and site plans.
  • Petitions to subdivide property.
  • Petitions to amend the zoning map.
  • Petitions to amend the zoning regulation text.
  • New driveways along town roads.
  • Applications to excavate in a town road.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Wed 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thurs. - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Ryan Brais
Town Planner

Katie O’Neill
Zoning Officer & Office Assistant