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The Planning and Zoning Department land use permits must be submitted online with PermitLink.

What type of Permit do I need?


Zoning Permit:         Required to construct or place any structure on a property. This includes new houses, additions, decks, sheds, pools, etc.

Wetlands Permit:     Any time you are disturbing soil within 100 feet of a wetlands, watercourse, or water body, a permit from the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission is required. This may require a site plan prepared by a surveyor/engineer depending on the scope of the activity. The Wetlands Agent can guide you in this process.

Site Plan Review:      Required for any changes to commercial or industrial property.

Special Permit:         Required for all uses allowed by Special Permit. This includes In-law apartments (ADUs).

Home Occupation or Use and Compliance (Business Permit):   Required for anyone starting a business within the Town. A new permit is required if moving the business to a new location.

Planned Development District:       Required for all uses allowed by PDD (Section 11 of the Zoning Regulations).

Subdivision or Re-subdivision:       For dividing land.

Map Amendment (Zone Change):  For changing the zoning of a property. For example, changing from residential to commercial, etc.

Text Amendment:     To change the Zoning Regulations.

Change of Use:          Required for changing a nonconforming (grandfathered) use to another nonconforming use. For example: A convenience store is located in a residential zone. The owner would like to change it to another type of use (ie: hair salon, professional office, etc.). This requires a Change of Use application.

ZBA Variance:          To request relief from the Zoning Regulations. For example, allowing a garage closer to the property line than allowed by the Regulations.

Location Approval (motor vehicle sales/repair, gas stations):    Required by the DMV for all new dealerships, repair garages and gas stations.

Appeal of Zoning Officer’s Decision:         To appeal any decision made by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Driveway Permit:     Required when creating a new driveway or relocating an existing driveway on a Town Road. This is not needed for repaving or for general maintenance of an existing driveway. Any Driveway located on a State Road must go through the CT DOT. They may require a permit for repaving or maintaining an existing driveway.

Highway Permit:      Required any time a Town Road or drainage structure is to be opened (cut/excavated/tied into). Any work within a State Road must go through the CT DOT.

To submit an application:

Go to the permit link in the Planning and Zoning Department’s webpage. Firefox browser is recommended for best service. Create an account or login to your existing account.

  • On the top, right area of the page, click on “Department Forms”.
  • Select the type of permit from the left side of the page.
  • Enter the address or owner name in the search bar to find the address. Highlight the address by clicking on it.
  • Fill out the form and upload any documents that may be needed. If you cannot upload documents, you may bring them to the Zoning Office.
  • Pay the required fee. If you do not wish to pay online, you can make payment at the Town Hall.

You will receive email updates from staff pertaining to your application and can also check the permitting software for status. If staff requires additional information, you will receive an email.

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