Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal

The Plainfield Fire Marshal is required by State Statute to conduct inspections on an annual basis of all occupancies covered by the Connecticut State Fire Code, except one and two family dwellings and premises used for manufacturing purposes. We are also required to conduct pre-construction code compliance plan reviews of all commercial and assembly construction projects prior to the issuance of a building permit. This Office issues permits for blasting operations, pyrotechnic displays and vehicles carrying hazardous materials. We make many fire safety presentations to a variety of age groups during the year.

The Fire Marshal is also required to investigate the origin and cause of all fires and explosions within the Town. These investigations include grass and woods fires, vehicle fires, room and contents fires as well as major structure fires including fatal fires.

Detectives from the Connecticut State Police Office of State Fire Marshal or the local police provide assistance in major investigations. We have found that these fires were caused by many different causes including mechanical or product failures, discarded smoking materials, accidental causes and intentional acts of arson. Improper and careless use of candles has caused a significant number of fires in the past and continues to be a problem here in Plainfield.

The Fire Marshal also serves as Burning Official for the Town, enforcing the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Air Quality regulations. All proposed locations of open burning are inspected, and if in compliance with State Regulations, written permits are issued. Investigations of illegal and non-permit burns are conducted with the State DEP Air Management investigators and the local police.


Costantino Galasso
Fire Marshal